Randulffssjóhús Restaurant

A restaurant in Eskifjörður, East Iceland

The History

Randulff’s Sea House

Opening hours:

The kitchen is open every day, except on Mondays
from 11:30 – 21:00

Randulff’s sjóhús (sea-house) is a beautifully preserved shore-building towards the eastern end of Eskifjörður and is in collaboration with Mjóeyri Travel Service. Today, this fine old house preserves both many artefacts and a lingering atmosphere from the days when the establishment of a herring fishery led to the first real growth of the fiord towns of East Iceland in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Built by Norwegian Peter Randulff in 1890, it provided a station for landing and processing herring caught within the fiord through to 1930 when there was no longer sufficient herring coming into the fjord to sustain the fishery. When herring finally returned to the seas off East Iceland in the late 1950s the fishery involved large ships fishing further off-shore and landing their catches at ports like Siglufjörður, Húsavík and Vopnafjörður in the north. As a result, for the next 75 years, this sturdy old sea-house remained closed.

In 1980 The East Iceland Maritime Museum (Sjóminjasafn Austarlands) became a part-owner of Randulff´s sea-house leading to the restoration of both the exterior of the building and the adjoining jetty. In 2003 the society became the sole owner of the house and in 2008 was re-opened in co-operation with the nearby Mjóeyri guesthouse and tourism centre. It has since been available both as an extension of the excellent Eskifjörður maritime museum and as a place where groups are able to sample traditional Icelandic fare in a setting that has changed little in the past one hundred years.

Please book a table in advance


Red wine

Las Moras Reserva
Cabernet Sauvignon – Syrah


Dark burgundy coloured wine with well integrated oak and well-balanced fruits and tannins. Soft and rich with a subtly rounded mouthfeel. An excellent partner to spicy red meats.

9.890 ISK

Masi Campofiorin, Corvina


Cherry, red fruit. Cherry notes on the palate with a moderate oak presence, cinnamon and spices. Tobacco and raspberry in the end. Good with any meat such as lamb and reindeer.

 10.150 ISK

Roda Selá, Tempranillo Coronas


Lush aromas of cherry and black plums on a back- ground of green cofee. Aged in oak barrels to achieve a soft, rounded sensation on the palate with a big finish. Excellent with reindeer and any red meat.

14.200 ISK


El Padre, Cabernet Franc


Deep purplish-red, black fruit, cofee and dark chocolate. Spicy notes like cloves and vanilla. Fresh, lush and intense with flavours of chocolate, raspberry and black cofee. Excellent wine with steak, grilled meat and reindeer.

11.050 ISK

Faustino VII, Tempranillo


Clean, bright, cherry red. Pleasant on the nose, ripe red fruits touch and sweet barrel hints. Balanced, elegant and fresh, fruity and barrel ageing notes. Good with any kind of meat, oily fish and baccalo.

8.300 ISK
1.700 ISK for glass


White wine

Finca Las Moras,
Reserva Chardonnay


Intense fruity wine with apples and ripe pineapple aromas. Has a trace of honey, butter and vanilla gained from a short maturation period. Perfect wine with white meat and seafood.

8.890 ISK

Villa Lucia Pinot Grigio


The aroma is very fresh with a hint of lime.
Dry with good body and great fruit. Good with fish and shellfish.

 7.990 ISK

Faustino VII, Viura


Clean, bright, pale gold yellow. White fruit such as pear and apple. Floral and herbaceous hints. Good acidity, fresh and balanced. Good with fish and seafood.

 8.100 ISK
1.700 ISK for glass

Torres San Valentin


Fresh wine with honey flavour and a hint of oak.
Tastes well with fish, vegan, vegetarian and as appetizer.

7.500 ISK

Maison OlivIer Sauvignon Blanc2


Very soft drink, really light body, aromas of apple and pear.

7.990 ISK

Chanson Pouilly Fuissé


Fresh aromas of white peach and almonds. Well balanced, deep texture and long generous finish. Excellent with fish, white meat and pork.

16.330 ISK



Faustino Cava Semi Seco


Complex with fruity aromas and floral notes while it is smooth in the mouth with a perfect balance between acidity and sugars, culminating
in a pleasant finish.

7.730 ISK



Faustino VII – Rioja


Dry and light rosé with red fruits, strawberries and peach.

(185 ml) 1.700 ISK

Soft drinks

Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Soda water — 490 ISK
Nonalcoholic Stella— 800 ISK
Trópí / Juice — 390 ISK
Ginger beer — 600 ISK

Hot drinks

Coffee — 450 ISK
Tea — 400 ISK
Hot chocolate — 650 ISK


Beljandi af krana — 1.300 ISK
Sauður af krana (Beljanda bjór) — 1.300 ISK
Víking Gull 0,5L. — 1.500 ISK
Víking Gull 0,33L. — 1.250 ISK
Thule 0,5L. — 1.400 ISK
Einstök Icelandic Pale Ale — 1.400 ISK
Einstök White Ale — 1.400 ISK
Naddi, dark lager — 1.400 ISK
Lov, Gin & Grape, VES — 1.300 ISK


Mojito, Moskow Mule, Aperol — 2.500 ISK
Einfaldur í gos — 1.800 ISK


Hardy VSOP — 1.500 ISK


Highland — 1.300 ISK
Balvenie — 1.700 ISK
Glenfiddich — 1.500 ISK

Snafsar 3cl

Vodka, Gin, Brennivín, Romm, Opal, Fisk,
Baileys, Jarðaberja Baileys 3cl — 1000 ISK
Grand Marnier 3cl. — 1000 ISK



Read our reviews

Historical house

Our dinner was excellent. Good fish, reindeer meatballs. Service is very nice and helpful. Small and interesting museum on second floor. Definitely the best restaurant in the area.

A walk back in time!

Not only a restaurant but a museum along the water! Many ancient artefacts here! Food was great and they even offered me a vegan meal at my request! But the rest of our party had awesome lamb and vegetables, potatoes! We were able to taste the famous rotten shark & vodka, which wasn’t as bad as I had heard!

Genuine sea-house with East Icelandic cuisine

In good weather, guests can sit on the pier attached to the sea-house from where they can enjoy the amazing view over the Eskifjörður fjord. During the summer the restaurant offers boat rental from the sea house – and if the chef is in a good mood you can ask him or her to prepare the catch of the day for you.


Best food I have had for a very long time

We had the best meal out I have had in many years and I live in London and travel a lot. The most delicious fish soup that came with fresh fish, prawns mussels in a bowl then a soup added. It had the most fabulous flavour and texture.
Followed by ‘car fish’ that melted in your mouth and a dessert of rhubarb perfectly cooked and not tart in Icelandic yoghurt with other delicious bits. All just amazing and loved by our whole group of 9 – a must.


Contact us




Strandgötu 120, 735 Eskifjörður




Strandgötu 96, 735 Eskifjörður

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Kennitala: 581111-0960
VSK: 126525

Opening hours

1. June – 15. September:
The kitchen is open from 11:30 – 21:00

1. September – 31. May:

Please book in advance

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